Thermae (from the Greek thermos = hot) means warm springs, or baths of warm water
Thermae are places where past, present and future join for a special spa experience. Now in various destinations areound the globe, where you can enjoy natural thermal waters as the Celts and Romans did over 2000 years ago.

MINERAL WATER TREATMENTS: This treatment involves drinking an alkaline water (with purifying, diuretic, antiacid and laxative properties) to create an elective therapeutic effect on the gastro-intestinal action. This generates a general effect on the metabolism, increasing the basal metabolism produced by the alkalinisation.

INHALATION TREATMENTS: There are a variety of inhalation methods,by which the respiratory apparatus can be treated by the action of the waters. Gases and dissolved substances in the thermal water come into contact with the mucous of the respiratory apparatus, performing anti-catarrhal, superficial anti-inflammatory and cleansing.

MUD THERAPY: Mud therapy consists of applying mud, matured in salso-bromide-iodine water and brought to a temperature of 46-48°, onto the skin of patients, at the joints. 

Discover the places where you can bathe in the warm, natural mineral-rich waters and choose from a range of spa treatments designed to ease the body and soothe the mind:

• Hot springs (ex: Japanese Onsen)
• Mud Bath & therapies
• Pulp bath (ex: Vinotherapy)
• Alkaline Water
• Salso-bromide-iodine water
• Sulphuric Water

Each Thermae Spa has its own intrinsic quality and personality. Discover yours.