Weight loss program is ideal for people suffering from excess weight, fatigue, depression caused by their appearance and eating disorders.

Excess weight is the cause of many health problems. It can trigger off heart disease, diabetes and so on. Weight-Loss programs restore the ideal state of health by regaining and increasing our energy levels through diet and other types of therapy that help stabilise the metabolism and reduce the blood glucose levels.

A slimming weight loss programme that restores health which is based on nutritional practices that favour the elimination of excess fat.

Weight-Loss programs often include:

• Initial doctor´s consultation
• Supervised & tailor-made wellbeing diet
• Therapeutic natural drinks
• Personal Training sessions
• Hydrotherapy sessions
• Other therapeutic treatments
(reflexology, acupuncture, shiatsu, osteopathy, yoga, fasciatherapy, etc.)

Ideally, a personal health plan is given out at the end of your Weight-Loss program.